A End To Ignorance

Tehya Janae


Tehya Janae collaborated with Circles of Voices to talk about the fragmentation of women's bodies, patriarchy, and sexism in October 2016.

Tehya Janae Faulk recently graduated from the College Honors Program at UCLA with concentrations in International Development and Gender Studies. While in L.A., she worked as a writer and photojournalist for the Daily Bruin, where she was able to bring the stories of exceptional women into the spotlight. Her desire to address issues that have a disproportionate impact on the lived experience of girls and women led her to start her company, POWR & FLOWERS. Her company sells clothing, in addition to creating visual "think pieces" [through video and photography] that serve as commentary on the current state of women. She is currently working to expand her brand and advance the message that the empowerment of women will lead to the liberation of humanity.