A End To Ignorance

Our History

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our founding

Beginning in January 2015, J.C. Faulk brought 12 people together in his living room to share their thoughts on the harming effects of racism in our society. The next month, he did the same, and 20 people came.

Following the death of Freddie Gray in April 2015, a Facebook event was created, and 80 people attended this conversation. People clearly wanted the space to talk about race-based issues.

In 2016, our work expanded, due to the intersectionality of racism other -isms/phobias and social justice issues. The monthly workshops, Circles of Voices, have brought together thousands of people together across Baltimore to talk about racism, police brutality, transphobia, food deserts, sexism, etc. Circles of Voices workshops have also been facilitated in Los Angeles, California, Charleston, South Carolina, and Nelson, Canada.

The work has been spotlighted in ABC Australia documentary, #Black Lives Matter, which aired to an audience of 750,000, winning the coveted Walkley Award, the Australian equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize. Our work has also been spotlighted by ICU Netherlands Documentary, NBC Digital, Takepart, the Baltimore Sun, Sojourner Truth and others.