A End To Ignorance


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Circles of Voices partnered with Oneness in Los Angeles in June and December 2016 to bring musical talent to workshops that focused on racism and police brutality. 

Oneness, founded in 1999, is a non-profit organization whose mission is the elimination of racism and the promotion of unity through music, the arts and education.

In its early days, Oneness held three "Power of Oneness Awards" events recognizing individuals whose life and work have fostered meaningful change in the area of race relations. Honorees include Edward James Olmos, Michael Jackson, Nancy Miller, Nile Rodgers, Jonathan Butler, Leila Steinberg, Angela Bibbs Sanders, Joy Enriquez, Ed Begley Jr., David Renzer, Zara Buggs Taylor, The Jim Henson Company, Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary and Brad Gluckstein.

A series of Oneness Songwriters' Summits has featured the teaming of over 50 producer/songwriters at one-day events in Los Angeles to create songs of social justice, racial unity and change. These events have also included music mentoring sessions where up & coming artists team with veteran songwriters to create meaningful compositions that speak to the most important issues facing our communities relating to race. Attendees and mentors include the legendary Lamont Dozier, Jonathan Butler, Narada Michael Walden, CJ Vanston, Andreas Carlsson, Lindy Robbins, to name a few. Past sponsors for the events include The Recording Academy, ASCAP, BMI, AVID, Guitar Center, Apple, & more. In addition to Los Angeles, the event has also taken place in Columbus, Ohio and is seeking to expand more nationally and internationally.

Another major highlight was Project One, a collaboration with the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission, in which music industry panels on music and social change attracted song submissions from youth artists. This resulted in the formation of The Bricks, a recording, performing band representing high school kids from all walks of life, who created an entire album of original compositions dealing with various timely and important issues. Several of these youth also received scholarships to the LA Music Academy through the initiative.

Oneness continues its work -- via educational outreach, awareness campaigns and collaborative initiatives -- to make positive change in the area of race-relations with the aid of supporters including Carlos Santana, Quincy Jones, Danny Glover, Common, Ricky Martin, Macy Gray, Sarah McLachlan, Brian McKnight, the late B.B. King, David Foster, Jimmy Jam & many others.