A End To Ignorance



Eric "Mangy" Kelly of Charm City Farms, LLC collaborated with Circles of Voices in October 2016 to discuss food deserts in Baltimore. 

Eric Kelly, known locally as the "Mangy White Bushman", is a lifelong, avid naturalist and outdoorsman. He is the founder of Charm City Farms, LLC, an initiative within Baltimore to turn unused urban spaces and vacant lots into productive, food-bearing gardens which both serve and engage the local communities while bridging food gaps. Eric is also the founder of Foragers of Baltimore, and Baltimore Bushcraft and Primitive Skills, through which he regularly teaches a variety of local workshops and classes on topics such as food foraging, plant uses, holistic orchardry, SPIN farming, composting, worm farming, grafting, beekeeping, mycology, bushcraft & primitive skills, bow making, deer hide tanning, and permaculture. 

Eric is a certified Permaculture designer and Permaculture Design Course Instructor, and offers permaculture consultation and design, as well as in-depth Permaculture certification courses in the Baltimore and DC areas. Eric has also worked with education and outreach with Maryland University's Department for Sustainable Agriculture, Maryland University of Integrative Health, The Baltimore Orchard Project, Dulaney High School, KIPP Baltimore, and Cromwell Valley Park. He has taught and spoken at the Future Harvest Conference and the Chesapeake Herb Gathering on foraging, orchardry, food, and Permaculture, and is regularly involved with local farms and local organizations.