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Circles of Voices - On SLavery

2019 will mark four hundred years since the first black Africans were brought to Jamestown, Virginia as indentured servants. Shortly after, abject slavery was introduced to America based upon skin color. 

Circles of Voices will focus on the loss of humanity for those who have been enslaved, and for those who have been enslavers. We will examine the long-term impact of this uniquely American system of bondage that continues to drive us today.

By the time we gather, I would have had a second visit of the Sotterly Plantation in Southern Maryland. I will come with images and stories to tell.

Join us. Share this with your colleagues, family and friends. Remember that it is a potluck. Bring a drink and/or a bite to eat.

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J.C. Faulk
Circles of Voices - An End to Ignorance