A End To Ignorance


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Let's Talk About Race.


At 6 years old, I was indoctrinated into American racism, and the world shifted from a play field to that of looking over my shoulder, afraid, wondering, confused. I was a boy, and nothing has been the same since that moment. In this regard, not much has change for little black, brown and non-white girls and boys all over America. The time is long overdue for shifting a uniquely American racial dynamic that continues to yield a murderous toll.

An End to Ignorance invites you to come, black, brown, white and others to share a space where we continue the conversation that moves Baltimore forward. We will not change until we talk about the things that we ignore.

Join us. Bring a bite to eat and/or a drink to share.

J.C. Faulk

Founder - An End to Ignorance/Circles of Voices