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CoV - On Homelessness


Circles of Voices will focus on homelessness in Baltimore on Dec 2nd (Impact Hub 6-9pm). Thousands of vacant properties in our city, yet our people are living on the streets. Let's talk about it, and then do something about it.

Baltimore has thousands of vacant/abandoned properties, yet we have human beings sleeping on the streets. It does not make sense. The December Circles of Voices will engage this human catastrophe.

We will start with a panel discussion. Peggy Webster - Baltimore Housing, Anthony Williams - "The King of Howard Street", Jim French - French Development, Wayno AmonRa - Community Activist, Beth Banner - Women's Housing Coalition and J.C. Faulk - Circles of Voices. 

Join us. Use the attached link to reserve your seat. As always, it is a potluck. Bring a bite and/or a drink to share.

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