A End To Ignorance


Lange Photo is the London-based studio of commercial photographer Doro Lange.

increasing cultural & ethnic awareness:

in the community


What wE Do: 

We want people who infrequently share spaces to know one another, to be connected with a common desire to make of our world what it could be. This work grows a body of people, (from all races, genders, sexuality, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, classes, occupations, and ages) who are like-minded about transforming our world into a more peaceful, equitable place.

An End to Ignorance, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit is fueled by the belief that until the least heard of us is cared for, and until all reasonable voices are attended to, none of us can be free or absolved of responsibility.

We create a synergy that continuously infuses a sense of bonding across difference, which can be called upon in times of great strife and intermittent societal unrest. It can also be the energy that drives our day-to-day interactions.